NEW: ATOS Core - The Core for 3D Scanning and Inspection

World Premiere at the Control 2013: GOM is pleased to present the latest member of the established ATOS series of optical 3D scanners. ATOS Core is the specialist for 3D scanning of small to medium sized components and is equipped with the proven ATOS functions and benefits such as GOM's stereo camera setup and Blue Light Technology.

The sensor forms the basis for a range of measurement tasks from simple 3D scanning up to fully automated measurement and inspection processes. ATOS Core includes the established and tested Triple Scan technology. In addition to GOM's stereo camera technique, ATOS Core also uses the two measurement cameras individually, resulting in 3 separate sensors. This unique technology ensures a high accuracy and improved measurement of shiny surfaces, complete data on complex components and at the same time a reduced number of individual scans resulting in a simple handling. ATOS Core is also equipped with blue light technology. The narrowband blue light enables precise measurements to be carried out independently of environmental lighting conditions.

ATOS Core forms the core for a range of measurement tasks from 3D scanning or reverse engineering to fully automated inspection. Because these measurement tasks have very different requirements, ATOS Core is available in 3 different product lines.

3D Scanning with GOM Scan

Simple 3D scanning? The Essential Line offers the perfect introduction to the digitizing world, of course in the tried and tested GOM quality. The complete package includes the ATOS Core sensor head and image processing computer as well as the cable, all accessories and a stable, lightweight transport case. The Essential Line is available with the compatible GOM Scan software. The emphasis of this software lies in 3D scanning with high data quality for applications such as reverse engineering or rapid prototyping.

3D Metrology Solutions

The Professional Line is the solution for complex metrology tasks. In addition to the hardware found in the Essential Line, the Professional line includes the powerful ATOS Professional software. This established measurement and inspection software includes numerous innovative features and functions. These include for example Triple Scan, editing of polygon meshes, parametric inspection, reporting, teaching by doing, scripting, back and selective projection and dynamic referencing for touch probes, tracking or adapters. Photogrammetry for global referencing and automation using rotations tables are just two additional features which can also be performed. And for all ATOS Triple Scan and ATOS Compact Scan users, ATOS Core can be used as an additional measuring volume for specific metrology tasks.

Automated small objects inspection

The Kinematics Line allows the complete automation with the focus on small objects. The full automated solutions including ATOS ScanBox and motorization kits offer increased efficiency in quality control and higher productivity within industrial production processes. The measurement workflows and positions are controlled using the ATOS Professional software. The Virtual Measuring Room (VMR) is included within the Kinematics Line. This module allows the process safe planning, representation and programming of automated measurements directly in the ATOS Professional software.

ATOS Core is available immediately. For further information about the new sensor or for a live demonstration please contact your local GOM partner.