ARAMIS SRX - Fast, High-Resolution 3D Motion and Deformation Sensor

With the new ARAMIS SRX system, GOM extends its range of 3D sensors for dynamic measurement of 3D coordinates, 3D displacements and surface strains. The high-resolution ARAMIS SRX sensor comprises the latest camera technology including 12-megapixels cameras and can be used for various applications.

In high-speed materials and components testing, up to 2000 images per second can be captured. Thus, the failure behavior of parts can be captured locally and over time in high resolution. A special HD mode was developed for crash applications. In this mode, high-speed sequences can be analyzed in high resolution with an image recording rate of 1000 Hz. The combination of high resolution and high speed allows precise results for applications that require both capturing an event in detail over time and capturing local effects.

Moreover, the ARAMIS SRX shows a high stability and process reliability and is very user-friendly, which is why it is primarily used in industrial environments.

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