ARAMIS for Education

GOM Educational Package for Materials and Components Testing

In addition to ATOS for Education for 3D scanning and inspection tasks, GOM now also offers an educational package for materials and components testing. ARAMIS for Education is also used for teaching at vocational schools, higher education institutions and universities.

In addition to the industrial hardware and software, both packages from GOM consist of completely elaborated laboratory tests and lecture material with detailed background information. Moreover, both educational packages include an efficient inspection software for students, practical training for trainers and professional support provided by experienced engineers.

ATOS for Education

ATOS for Education is an educational package for 3D scanning and inspection tasks. It is used in various specialist fields and subjects of study: Mechanical engineering/mechatronics, engineering, industrial metrology, design and CAD/CAM. In these specialist fields, the ATOS 3D scanner is a reliable and precise measuring system.

ARAMIS for Education

For applications in the field of materials and components testing, GOM offers the package ARAMIS for Education for teaching and training. The ARAMIS system is used in subjects of study and specialist fields as material sciences/materials testing, mechanical engineering/automotive engineering/mechatronics and FEM. It has proven to be an efficient measuring system for materials and components testing.