ARAMIS Professional software enables combination of 3D coordinate and temperature measurements

The combination of GOM’s ARAMIS sensors and infrared cameras enables the simultaneous analysis of the thermal and mechanical behavior of test specimens in the materials and component testing field. This simultaneous analysis can be realized by the ARAMIS Professional software, within which the 3D coordinate data and temperature data are obtained and used to evaluate the surface information. Besides that, this software presents the correlation of thermal and mechanical behavior.

Application example – Tensile test

The ARAMIS system uses high-resolution and high-speed 3D cameras to evaluate the 3D surface strains of the test specimen while InfraTec uses high-accurate thermography cameras to measure the temperature change on the surface.

Application example – Component testing

In component testing, GOM’s ARAMIS system and InfraTec’s infrared cameras can be used in the same way to obtain temperature and deformation data about the thermal and mechanical component behavior.

InfraTec is a company that specialized in infrared technology, was founded in 1991 and is based in Dresden.

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