Optical Metrology supports the Building of full-scale Helicopter Mock-ups

05/2014To support the training of maintenance crews for military helicopters, Reiser Systemtechnik uses optical 3D metrology when building full-scale helicopter training rigs. This saves time and money, and also ensures a high level of precision.

Photo: Reiser Systemtechnik

Photo: Reiser Systemtechnik

To keep military helicopters deployed for as long as possible, all required maintenance services need to be carried out quickly and reliably. This requires specialized hands-on training for maintenance crews at regular intervals – ideally using the actual helicopters. However, this is a problem. NATO NH90 transport helicopters are usually out on assignments so that they are virtually never available for maintenance training.

In order to keep the training program updated and on track, the German and French armed forces turned to Reiser Systemtechnik GmbH in Berg-Höhenrain, Germany. With the ATOS 3D digitizer from GOM, all components and ancillary equipment of the original NATO NH90 transport helicopters are scanned and archived. This scanned data enables Reiser Systemtechnik to quickly build full-scale mock-ups that are used as maintenance training rigs.

The complete application note in English is available as PDF.