New GOM software version available at end of June!

06/2013V7.5 SR2 is the latest version of the GOM software and is due to come to the market at the end of June. It is primarily a service release for the new hardware systems ATOS Core, ATOS Plus and ATOS Triple Scan 12M. This software version offers many new developments and optimized application solutions.

It is based on the incorporation of over 60 customer requests and experiences to ensure that we can offer a customer-oriented software solution that complies with the latest market requirements.

The new GOM software version V7.5 SR2 includes new functions that improve the automation process and thus the efficiency of quality controls, and also step up the productivity within industrial production processes.

Motion Replay is the latest feature – For basic automation of the measurement of small parts without the need for time-consuming programming of individual scripts.

Optimizations for curvature based inspection – The new software version makes it easy to perform relative measurements and curve length analyses

Detail improvements in tracking – Single step tracking is a new method for tracking with individual scripts that can be used in specific measurement tasks.

Improvements in the Kiosk Interface – The possibility of measuring upper and lower surfaces as well as the automatic component installation guarantee simpler completion of measurement tasks.

Compatible with Windows 8 operating system – Full use of the capacity of state-of-the art computer hardware since the GOM analysis software is released under Windows 8.

We recommend that registered customers update to the new GOM software to be sure of benefiting from the powerful new tools offered by this GOM software version, which improves the efficiency of the measurement process and makes inspection and analysis faster and easier.

The GOM software will come as a component of GOM's industrial metrology systems as well as standalone product. The current software version will be available from the end of June at

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