Free GOM Inspect Software, a download success

02/2011GOM Inspect Introduction Seminars in Germany and Sweden

GOM Inspect

GOM Inspect

GOM Inspect

Thousands of users have already downloaded the free GOM Inspect Software for mesh processing and inspection. Based on the large amount of interest in the GOM Inspect 3D Software, GOM's Swedish partner, Cascade is offering introduction seminars with practical, hands-on tutorials in the software. GOM will be offering similar events in Germany in the near future.

The GOM Inspect Software is the ideal tool for mesh processing, shape and dimension control or 3D point clouds, and is also a 3D-Viewer. The free version of GOM Inspect can be used to view, process or evaluate 3D Data from white light scanners, laserscanner, CTs and other sources.

The software is interesting for users from a number of application areas including CAD/CAM, CAE and CAQ.
GOM Inspect enables the fast creation and processing of point clouds and polygon meshes for Rapid Prototyping and simulations, as well as complete inspection of parts and components.

Users of GOM Inspect can access inspection tutorials, a knowledge database and sample data directly out of the software.

GOM offers further support, and a user forum at

Further information about GOM Inspect and the free download can be found here.