First High Tech’s User Meetings 2013 in Malaysia and Singapore

01/2014Our partner First High Tech staged two successful user meetings in Malaysia and Singapore in December 2013.

The user meeting in Malaysia took place on December 10, 2013 and welcomed over 60 existing and potential users at the Kota Permai Golf & Country Club. Participants had the opportunity to explore the highlights of GOM's product and application portfolio at a technical exhibition and were able to attend a varied program of lectures and live demos.

The user meeting held on December 12, 2013 in Singapore was yet another resounding success, attended by 30 visitors. Participants from the turbine and aerospace industries met at the National Library. In addition to GOM’s product exhibition and live demos, visitors were offered a lecture program tailored to their specific interests.

The exhibitions focused on the new ATOS Core scanner, which is used to digitize small and medium-sized parts. First High Tech also presented other products from the ATOS range, including the ATOS Triple Scan and the ATOS Compact Scan, and it demonstrated how the scanners can be integrated automatically in industrial processes or, alternatively, how they are operated manually. The company presented the TRITOP system, GOM’s solution for digitizing large objects and static deformation measurements. The exhibition was complemented by a presentation of the ARAMIS system for full-field 3D deformation measuring.

The agenda included in-depth presentations of the new ATOS Core Sensor and ATOS ScanBox, the measurement solution for automation, as well as a broad range of applications. Visitors were also given details of the deformation measuring software PONTOS, ARAMIS and ARGUS.

We would like to thank the team from First High Tech for its commitment and for the organization of two highly successful user meetings. Thanks to the lecturers for their interesting contributions and to all guests.