CT Data Import in GOM Inspect

07/2016With the free GOM Inspect software, it is now possible for the first time to import data formats, deriving from a computer tomograph, into the software via drag & drop and, subsequently, carry out high-precision analyses.

A tomography reconstructs a 3D volume without destructing the specimen. Therefore, tomography is increasingly used for geometric inspections and shape analyses. For the evaluation of CT data, GOM has developed a function for CT data import in GOM Inspect: Volume data generated by a CT scan can be imported directly into GOM Inspect – automatically or user-defined. The import of all common native CT data formats such as *.vgi, *.vgl, *.pcr, *.exv or *.rek is possible.

In the past, it was necessary to import volume data into additional software before generated STL data were transferred into the inspection software. With the direct import into GOM Inspect, this extra step is made redundant. The complexity of nominal-actual comparisons is minimized and sampling times are significantly reduced.

CT data import allows for a comprehensive shape and dimension analysis of mono- or multi-material objects. Different materials of a scanned object can be displayed as separate surface meshes. Here, the GOM Inspect software distinguishes between different materials of the scanned object in order to generate a surface for each individual material. In addition, the polygonization area can be restricted, which reduces the import to relevant partial areas of the overall volume.

A video with further information on CT data import is available on YouTube.