Casting and Forging Workshop in Brazil

02/2015On 5th November 2014, our Brazilian partner Robtec held a Casting and Forging Workshop in São Paulo. Some 50 participants joined the event at the Holiday Inn hotel in order to learn about the latest developments in optical 3D metrology for the casting and forging industries.

With regard to possible applications, the measuring systems ATOS Triple Scan, ATOS Compact Scan and ATOS Core were presented to high-profile customers, including Volkswagen, Ford and the National Service for Industrial Training (SENAI).

ATOS Triple Scan - is an industrial high-end 3D digitizer, which combines high resolution with high data quality and is thus particularly suitable for demanding applications, such as quality assurance of complex injection molding or cast components.

ATOS Compact Scan - is a lightweight and compact solution for 3D measurement of components, offering a number of versatile applications.

ATOS Core – is specialized in three-dimensional measuring of small components and allows for applications that range from simple 3D digitizing up to fully automated measuring and inspection processes.

The 3D scanners are used in various industries to rapidly capture precise measurement data. The use of GOM sensors plays an important role in casting and forging industries - they help to detect optimizations in construction processes faster and to improve industrial manufacturing processes. The systems contribute to a shortening of measurement and inspection times and thus cost savings.

The use of the measurement systems was illustrated by various application demonstrations, including inspection, automated inspection, trend analysis and ATOS Live.

We would like to thank Robtec for the successful organization of the Casting and Forging Workshop and all visitors for their large attendance. We are already looking forward to the next event.