AIE User Meeting 2013 in Vietnam

05/2013AIE, our partner in Vietnam, organized two nice User Meetings in April 2013, with over 50 attendees in Hanoi and 30 visitors in Ho-Chi-Min-City.

In Hanoi on April 9, 2013 the AIE team invited into the FORTUNA hotel. The participants learned a lot about the GOM products. During the break, a nice buffet was served, and the participants used the opportunity to exchange experiences and get support.

The second User Meeting in Ho-Chi-Min-City took place on April 11, 2013 and was organized in the Technical Teacher Education University. Participants came from industrial companies, research institutes and universities.They were enthusiastic about the new information and the latest GOM technology.

The entire range of our ATOS scanners and TRITOP systems demonstrated the potential of high-end scanning and quality control of small up to big objects.

In addition, an ARAMIS system as well as ARGUS parts were shown to respond to the growing need of full-field deformation measurements.

All presentations were held in the local language, brochures were distributed that provided all information of the GOM systems and each participant got the GOM Inspect software to ensure the audience can profit from this event.

GOM thanks the AIE team for their dedicated work, the nicely organized events and for caring about the existing and potential customers.