Automated Quality Control

Industrial production processes require automated measuring cells for higher throughput (more parts in less time, better planning) and higher repeatability (process safety). As a one-source provider for industrial measuring sensors and parametric inspection software GOM´s automation team opens the way to a uniform and centralized part inspection management with parametric and traceable inspection workflows.

Virtual Measuring Room

Planning an efficient measuring cell is the key to comprehensive inspection. GOM's Virtual Measuring Room supports the planning of measuring cells according to real requirements (space, dimensions). Robot models and kinematics, sensor setups, as well as parts and fixtures, can be integrated into the software along with CAD data and measuring plans. Each Virtual Measuring Room is a functional representation of the real-world measuring environment, analyzing the required space, component positioning and accessibility. The Virtual Measuring Room omit's programming with robot control panels as the sensor on the robot is moved "off-line" within the software. This process is supported by the Guided Teaching Strategy: The operator receives immediate feedback as to whether holes, slots, trim and spring, CAD surface, etc., can be safely measured from a specific robot position. Thanks to this digital-to-physical synchronization, complicated online robot position teaching is no longer necessary.

All evaluation and reporting steps are automated by the new "Teaching by Doing" concept incorporated in the powerful GOM Inspect Professional Software. Since script programming for task repetition is no longer necessary, there is no difference between single-part and multi-part inspection.

GOM Industries Automated Quality Control Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis

GOM's measuring cells are a shop-floor proven solution for line tune-in, production process control, incoming parts inspection, etc. Automated measuring solutions provide real-time dimensional inspection of the entire part surface, hole patterns & slots, trim & spring during production, as well as root cause & trend analyses. In addition, GOM's Virtual Measuring Room allows measuring cells to be copied and adjusted swiftly to meet the requirements of different production sites around the world.

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