Workshop 3D Metrology in Sheet Metal Forming Process Chains 2015

May 20, 2015
Darmstadt, Germany

The GOM Workshop "3D Metrology in Sheet Metal Forming Process Chains" will show how 3D measuring techniques are used in stamping, bending, drawing, pressing, and forming processes to guarantee consistent quality assurance: from determining the sheet metal properties, via accelerating tool-try-out and first article inspection, up to series accompanying production control and trend analysis.

Well-known users will share their experiences, among them:

  • VW Kassel
    From Prototype Construction to Series Production: Tracking and ATOS ScanBox in Exhaust Systems Manufacturing
  • Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH
    Material Characterization, Geometry Measurement and Forming Analysis with Optical Measuring Systems
  • Wolf Werkzeuge GmbH
    Spring-back Compensation and Simulation Verification in the Construction of Stamping and Forming Dies: Faster Tool Release after Targeted Optimization with 3D Measurement Data

Alongside these user experiences, the GOM team stages live demonstrations including the following topics:

  • Assembly & Positioning Tasks with Tracking
    Assembly Analysis and Setting up of Fixtures
  • Forming Tools
    Archiving, Maintenance & Repair
  • Production Accompanying Quality Control of Sheet Metal Parts
    Automated Inspection and Trend Analysis
  • Forming Limit Curve & Process Optimization
    Material Strain and Simulation Verification on Sheet Metal Parts

Quality Assurance in Sheet Metal Forming Process Chains

Design and Simulation

  • Sheet metal parameters
  • Forming analysis
  • Simulation verification
  • Optimization of simulation models
  • Faster product development

Tool Making

  • Targeted tool correction
  • Material thickness change
  • Spring-back compensation
  • Update of CAD data
  • Wear control, maintenance & repair

Sheet Metal Parts

  • First article inspection report
  • 3D shape and dimension analysis
  • Analysis of trimming & spring
  • Inspection of hole patterns & boundaries
  • Series measurement & trend analysis

The Workshop

The GOM Workshop is an industrial meeting platform for design engineers, tool makers as well as specialists from research & development, production, and quality assurance. The free workshop offers an insight into the use of optical 3D metrology in sheet metal forming industries.

Leading industrial companies present examples from their day-to-day practice and show how integrating optical measuring systems into the entire process chain helps them shorten development times, improve production workflows, and thus enhance the company's profitability. Alongside these user experiences, the GOM team stages live presentations to introduce the latest developments in 3D metrology as well as in measurement and inspection software.

The workshop will be held in German language.

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