Optical Measuring Techniques in Casting & Forging Processes 2014

The growing demand for design and product quality makes full-field and fast inspection of cast and forged parts necessary. That was the main conclusion drawn by more than 160 experts who attended the GOM Workshop "Industrial 3D Measurement Techniques in Casting & Forging Processes" on 5th February 2014 in Darmstadt, Germany.

During the user presentations from Trimet Aluminium SE, Mecklenburger Metallguss (MMG) and Tool Factory Raskopf it became clear that 3D metrology supports and speeds up all phases in sand, pressure die and investment casting processes: from design and simulation to pattern and die construction as well as mold and core making, right through to first article inspection and CNC machining. By using optical metrology systems the companies were able to shorten measuring and inspection times and therefore reduce costs.

Apart from tool correction, first article inspection and quality control of molds, cast and forged parts, the workshop concentrated on the latest developments in 3D metrology as well as in the measurement and inspection software. Presentations included the optical marking of castings and optimized part alignment for CNC machining. 

Another focus was on automated quality control of cast and forged parts. With the ATOS ScanBox GOM has developed a standardized optical 3D measuring machine. In the ATOS ScanBox, the entire measuring and inspection processes up to the inspection report are executed automatically. For the analysis of identical or similar multiple parts, GOM has automated measurement and inspection processes in the software to simplify recurring measurement tasks.

Industrial 3D Measurement Techniques in Casting & Forging Processes

Models and Patterns

  • Verification of milling results
  • Reverse Engineering & change management
  • Maintenance & archiving
  • Full-field shape and dimension inspection
  • Process reliability

Tools, Cores and Molds

  • Targeted tool corrections
  • Inspection of NC machining
  • Assembly analysis
  • Fit of mold halves, core allowance and sliders
  • Wear analysis

Cast and Forged Parts

  • First article inspection (full-field and pointwise)
  • Shrinkage, warp & allowance control
  • Material thickness analysis
  • Optimized CNC machining
  • Automated quality control & trend analysis

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