More than 200 participants at the GOM Testing Roadshow

Short development cycles, high cost pressure and rising quality requirements demand faster time to market products. That is why design and test engineers as well as specialists from research & development increasingly deploy optical measurement systems. This was the result of the experts talk at the GOM Testing Roadshow “New Measurement Technology for Materials and Components Testing” in which about 200 specialists took part in four locations.

Expert presentations about the functionalities of the new ARAMIS 3D Camera, the GOM Testing Controller and the GOM Correlate software showed that optical measuring systems replace traditional methods, such as strain gauges, accelerometers, transducers or extensometers. According to users, the reason for this can be found in information density: The new ARAMIS system measures geometries as well as three-dimensional displacements and deformations of material specimens or components under mechanical or thermal load. In this process, capturing static and dynamic deformation is not only based on individual points, but on full-field measurements.

Another advantage of the new method is the easy integration of non-contact measuring techniques in test stands and test laboratories. The newly developed GOM Testing Controller simplifies the complete integration into existing testing environments using external triggers and analog data acquisition as well as their conversion. All this without complicated positioning and wiring. The GOM Testing Controller comprises a software-supported interface for programming predefined or specific measuring sequences, for example, defining specific interdependencies between testing parameters, such as recording speed using ring buffers and trigger elements. In addition, the defined measuring sequences can be stored and exchanged as template for further projects.

The new testing sensor ARAMIS 3D Camera has its preset and certified lenses installed into an industrial housing that guarantees a high degree of sensor calibration stability. Measuring volumes can easily be exchanged by the user to enable the measurement of small to large objects, ranging from materials testing specimens up to airplane components. Aside from the ARAMIS 3D Camera and the GOM Testing Controller, based on the parametric software GOM Correlate Professional all actions and evaluation steps are completely traceable and interlinked. So they can be easily modified or adjusted. At the touch of a button, all corresponding timeline elements are automatically updated after changes.

In addition to the GOM Correlate software and DIC, live demonstrations also presented the complete workflow and evaluation process for motion analyses and positioning tasks of the ARAMIS system including point-based and full-field deformation measurements.

See for further information on GOM Correlate.