GOM Correlate Introduction Seminar

The GOM Correlate software for digital image correlation (DIC) enables the 2D evaluation of digital image series and movie files of conventional single cameras, high-speed cameras or industrial image processing cameras. The software also serves as a viewer for measuring data from GOM’s stereo camera system ARAMIS 3D Camera.

Content of Seminar

The seminar deals with the evaluation options in materials and components testing and shows how the software can be used as a 3D viewer and – with the help of reports – also serves as a communication tool.

  • Introduction to the user interface and handling, import of images and movie data as well as CAD data, basic 2D and 3D deformation analyses
  • Image acquisition with the free GOM Snap 2D software
  • Inspection workflow: point-based and full-field inspection, color representation of displacements and strain, inspection sections, measuring report and export
  • 3D viewer, evaluation with CAD data and outlook on parametric inspection

GOM Correlate Introduction Seminars are held in the following countries:

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