GOM Training Webinar – 2D Digital Image Correlation with GOM Correlate

GOM Correlate is a free digital image correlation (DIC) and evaluation software. Digital image correlation is an optical non-contact method to determine 2D or 3D coordinates. The coordinates can be used to deduce displacements and strain of specimens for a wide range of applications in materials and components testing.

GOM Correlate provides free 2D digital image correlation, which supports the evaluation and reporting of any digital image series or video files. It is, therefore, perfectly suited for in-plane testing applications with already existing cameras.

GOM is offering a training webinar "2D Digital Image Correlation with GOM Correlate" focusing on following topics:

  • Low-speed and high-speed tensile tests
  • Crack zone evaluation
  • Three-point bending tests
  • Shear tests according to ASTM
  • Large-scale DIC

This webinar has already taken place. The webinar recording is available on YouTube.


New dates in preparation