Application Webinar - Shear Test

Using accurate material parameters is essential for taking the right decisions during the design phase of a product and the subsequent analysis by numerical simulations. In materials testing, the shear test is conducted in the course of new material developments and the control of material quality.

Optical metrology can support new material developments and quality assurance by providing precise full-field results of shear angles by non-contatct measurements.

Furthermore, the high local resolution of the ARAMIS results enables the enhancement of existing evaluation procedures. The results might be used, for example, to discuss the assumptions underlying today's approaches for calculating the shear stresses and the shear modulus.

GOM is offering a webinar "Shear Test" with the following topics:

  • Motivation behind shear tests
  • Optical metrology for shear tests
  • Application example: Copper shear test performed in an unviversal testing machine
  • Application example: Steel shear test according to ASTM

This webinar has already taken place. The webinar recording is available on YouTube.


New dates in preparation