Application Webinar - Optical 3D Metrology for Aerospace Testing

The development and manufacturing of a modern aircraft is an extremely complex process and demands careful balance between safety, technical abilities, design, available technologies and costs. Optical metrology can speed up your product development process by providing easily understandable full-field results while reducing the time for test preparation and cutting down the number of required iteration cycles.

In the webinar “Optical 3D Metrology for Aerospace Testing" participants will learn how the benefit from the advantages of optical metrology in their daily development work.

  • Reverse engineering of a helicopter
  • Materials testing on coupon level
  • Failure analysis of an airframe panel
  • Rotor blade bending test - FEA verification

The webinar will deal with applications from the aerospace industry ranging from small scale measurements such as coupon and component tests up to measurement of full scale aircrafts.

This webinar has already taken place. The webinar recording is available on YouTube.


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