Application Webinar - High Speed Component Testing

High speed tests are an important tool of today’s product development, as they enable the analysis of components’ reaction to impact events or crashes. When it comes to high speed tests of components, optical metrology can provide 3D data with high temporal and spatial resolution.

The webinar features measurement results from a head impact test on a windscreen. During the discussion of the test application from the automotive industry, you will learn:

  • How optical surface scanning was used to define the impact depth of the head dummy
  • That you can measure 3D displacements optically without any wiring
  • How the optically tracked touch probe enables the verification of the test setup regarding the head dummy’s impact point
  • That optical metrology works as a displacement and acceleration transducer at the same time
  • That optical metrology provides full-field strain results that help verify acoustic emission measurements

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This webinar has already taken place. The webinar recording is available on YouTube.


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