Application Webinar - Biomechanics/Medical

Biomechanics place huge challenges on existing measurement technologies for determining the mechanical properties of materials, as well as verifying parts performance, such as implants. GOM´s advanced full-field imaging methods using 3D image correlation, stereo photogrammetry and 3D digitizing techniques are being used for dynamic measuring of biological mechanical systems such as bones, tendons, ligaments and even tissues.

These measurement methods have far greater dynamic range than traditional measuring devices, like strain gauges, displacement sensors and 3D coordinate measurement machines and strongly support the product development. Optical 3D measuring systems are today used in this area to determine material properties, to analyze specimen performance and to verify numerical simulations.

GOM invites you to a Webinar which will discuss various applications for optical 3D metrology in the area of medical / biomechanics testing and quality control.

This webinar has already taken place. The webinar recording is available on YouTube.


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