GOM Metrology

Assembly and Load Tests

Assembly and Load Tests

Digital Assembly and Performance Tests

Full-field or point-based 3D online tracking allows aligning and positioning physical parts relative to each other (optical gauge) and an optimum virtual alignment to be transferred into the real physical world. Supported by the powerful ATOS software, the ATOS system enables a flexible and effective digital assembly of several parts. As a result, mounting and installation as well as deformation and gap sizes can be checked. The ARAMIS system, together with test facilities such as climate chambers and crash test stands serve to examine the life cycle of products.


  • Virtual assembly
  • Flush and gap analysis
  • Deformation analysis
  • Dynamic fatique tests and crash tests


3D data enable a fast assembly analysis for prototypes, Meisterbock and Cubing as well as for series by real-time representation of measuring results. Thermal and mechanical testing of the part for functionality, safety, durability and aesthetics serves to optimize the choice of materials and the component design. As the measuring systems are easy to handle and require less setup time, conventional fixtures are being replaced.