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Optimization of machine parameters for a better quality and less wear

Optimization of machine parameters for a better quality and less wear

The challenge

A faulty tool geometry is one of the most common reasons for defective parts. The machine tool, however, also has a major influence on the manufacturing process. The presses used for stamping and forming of sheet metal are controlled using different machine parameters. Factors such as the contact pressure that acts on the part, lubrication and retention force holding the part during production influence the final shape of the part.

Not optimally set up press parameters can lead to improper movement of the press during the forming process. This results in poor part quality and premature tool wear.


The solution

With the help of the ARAMIS system, the user can record such movements of the presses and tools as a curve in 3D. These measurements provide information about the stiffness, vibrations, oscillations, tilting, motion path of the machine and displacements between the tools. The measuring data can be used to carry out machine capability analyses and to determine what press parameters have to be optimized for the press to work optimally.

In this way, ARAMIS helps to produce parts with the correct geometry and to avoid excessive wear of tools.

The benefits

Optimizing machine parameters
such as pressing power, downholder force and speed
tool service life
maintenance and repair costs

GOM Solutions for every process step

The flexible 3D coordinate measuring systems ATOS, ARAMIS and ARGUS are used in all process steps of metal forming. Learn more about how GOM systems optimize the individual forming processes to ensure quality and process reliability.


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