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Digital Assembly in Car Body Manufacturing

Digital Assembly in Car Body Manufacturing

In car body manufacturing, not only the quality of each separate part is important. Also, the interplay of different parts must fulfill high quality requirements. Therefore, testing tools like Cubing and Meisterbock that use assembly situations are daily working tools. With the GOM Software, it is possible to realize the whole inspection process in a digital way. On the way to final quality, this helps to reduce expensive and time-consuming iterations during the process of quality control.

In this training course, you will learn how to realize a digital assembly situation in the GOM Software using outer skin parts of a car. You will learn how to align the scanned data of the parts in a reproducible way. After that, you get to know how to analyze the digital assembly. This includes the inspection of edges of single parts, gap and flush analysis of part combinations as well as sealing gap dimensions.

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Learn how to use GOM Inspect Pro for...

  • A reliable alignment for outer skin parts of a car body 
  • A point-based and curve-based gap and flush analysis 
  • Analyzing sealing gap dimensions on doors 
  • Finding the best part combination using a cross assembly 
  • Deriving an optimized installation position of outer skin parts based on gap and flush dimensions