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Basic Training ATOS

Basic Training ATOS

Working with new hardware often means a steep learning curve. This training will show you that there are exceptions!

Guided by an expert trainer, you will learn all the basics of working with your ATOS sensor and quickly produce first results. You will learn the theory of how an ATOS sensor acquires data as well as all the practical aspects of handling it. This hands-on training will show you step by step how to prepare your measuring object, how to set up the sensor and how to select the right software parameters for optimum measuring results. Our goal is to take away any inhibitions and make you feel comfortable and confident using your new GOM hardware.

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Learn how to …

  • Set up and calibrate an ATOS sensor.
  • Prepare an object for measuring.
  • Scan a measuring object (from all sides).
  • Apply basic theoretical concepts concerning the sensor and the GOM Software to get the best possible results.
  • Clean up and finalize your measured data