GOM Metrology

GOM Metrology

Mesh Editing

Mesh editing in GOM software

Quality even before inspection 

With the GOM software you can smooth, thin and refine polygon meshes. You can also fill holes in the mesh. Mesh editing is curvature-dependent and tolerance-based.


Create polygon meshes from point clouds

The GOM software computes 3D meshes of parts and components from 3D point clouds. These meshes are used for visualization, simulation, reverse engineering and for nominal-actual comparison. They are also suitable for virtual assembly based on measurements from different sources and can be saved in common formats like STL, G3D, JT Open, ASCII or PLY. Meshes can also be exported in STL format for applications such as 3D printing.

Mesh editing

You can edit the created meshes by smoothing, thinning or refining them, filling holes or extracting curvature lines. The GOM software shows you the processing status in a preview window. Furthermore, a golden mesh can be determined by finding the best mesh or calculating an average mesh. After mesh editing you can import CAD files and start your 3D inspection.