Optical metrology supports process optimization

In order to remain competitive, WESO focuses on the continuous improvement of processes. For this, it is particularly important to have knowledge on all actual states at hand. This applies to tools, patterns, core boxes and molds but also to the final product to be manufactured.

Therefore, WESO-Aurorahütte GmbH invested in an optical 3D coordinate measuring system of the ATOS series. In contrast to tactile metrology, this system provides full-field 3D measuring results. Simultaneously, it offers practical solutions for the robust production environment of a foundry.

Since the new measurement technology was introduced at WESO, reworking time has been significantly reduced and the manufacturing processes have been optimized and sped up. “Manufacturing a gear box is an example of this,” explains Achim Beimborn, engineer.

Read the complete application example in PDF format.