GOM introduces ATOS Triple Scan 12M - High resolution 3D scanning

The proven and established ATOS Triple Scan series has now been extended with the ATOS Triple Scan 12M. With two 12 megapixel resolution cameras, Triple Scan and Blue Light Technology the ATOS Triple Scan 12M offers the combination of high resoution and high data quality for demanding applications.

ATOS Triple Scan series

The high-end industrial 3D digitizer is now available in three models; ATOS II Triple Scan, ATOS III Triple Scan, and the latest ATOS Triple Scan 12M providing a resolution of 12 million pixels.

The ATOS Triple Scan 12M offers a high detail resolution particularly for demanding applications such as complex, detailed injection molded or casted parts or for blade applications where fine leading and trailing edges play an important role.

As with all ATOS 3D Scanners the ATOS Triple Scan 12M uses GOM's proven stereo camera technology to combine highest quality data with process safety. The two cameras each capture 12 million measurement points in every scan delivering a unprecedented data density and quality. GOM's stereo camera technology ensures process safety by continually monitoring both measuring system and environment changes and providing direct feedback to the user.

The ATOS Triple Scan 12M naturally benefits from all the advantages of the ATOS Triple Scan family including GOM's Triple Scan & Blue Light Technology.

Faster measurement process with the Triple Scan & Blue Light Technology

The ATOS Triple Scan uses a specially developed measuring and projection technology from GOM. In addition to GOM's stereo camera technique, the ATOS Triple scan also uses the right and left cameras individually in combination with the projector. This method results in 3 individual sensors each with different viewing perspectives of the object. Using this proven technology the ATOS Triple Scan produces a high accuracy and improved measurement of shiny surface, complete data on complex components with deep pockets or fine edges such as turbine blades, reducing the number of individual scans and resulting in a simple handling.

The ATOS Triple Scan is engineered with GOM's advanced Blue Light Technology. GOM's narrow banded blue light projection technique enables precise measurement irrespective of environmental lighting conditions, with an extremely long service life, and low maintenance.

Industrial advantages for industrial processes

ATOS 3D Digitizers have been produced and constantly developed since 1995 and with thousands of installations in measurement and analysis rooms as well as factory and production halls worldwide, the ATOS has been for a long time an accepted measurement method beside the mechanical measurement machines. The ATOS sensor combines high data quality in short measurement time with flexibility and stability for industrial environments.

Available immediately

The ATOS Triple Scan 12M is available immediately. Read more about the ATOS Triple Scan scanners or contact your local GOM office or distributor for a live demonstration of this powerful technology.