ATOS ScanBox accelerates inspection of body sheet metal parts at Allgaier

With the use of ATOS ScanBox, automotive supplier Allgaier has managed to reduce measuring times in toolmaking, production, and assembly by up to 50 percent.

Responding to high quality requirements, Allgaier has been using GOM’s ATOS ScanBox Series 6 systems in its quality assurance since 2016.

The first measurements are already carried out during tool manufacturing. Subsequently, the measuring cell is used to inspect the first pressed parts during try-out. The results serve as a basis for initiating tool corrections and adjusting simulation. Thanks to the color deviation representation, the toolmaker knows at a glance where to make adjustments to optimize the tool. This advantage can also be seen in series inspection: due to the optical and full-field measurement, the entire body part can be sampled very quickly and there are no part areas left unchecked. In this way, Allgaier was able to save 50 % of the measurement time during quality control of a front hood.

The complete application note is available as PDF