ATOS Capsule - New Optical Precision Measuring Machine from GOM

The fringe projection system ATOS Capsule excels by its high precision for fine details and is utilized, for example, for first article inspections of gears, turbine blades and wheels or medical parts. ATOS Capsule is based on the established GOM technology and is expanding the series of ATOS 3D scanners.

Due to its housing design, the ATOS Capsule provides process stability for automated applications by maximum stiffness for industrial use, ensuring precise measuring results. In addition, optics and electronics are protected against dust and splashing water in the housing.

The ATOS Capsule is used fully automated in the standardized measuring machine ATOS ScanBox. Combined with the photogrammetric add-on sensor ATOS Plus, bigger components or several parts can be measured simultaneously with higher accuracy.