ARAMIS (DIC) Measuring Data can be combined with Temperature Data

Measured ARAMIS data can be combined with temperature data in the GOM software. The advantage of this visualization is a simplified and faster understanding of the correlation of thermal and mechanical component behavior.

A simple measuring setup makes it possible to analyze the thermal and mechanical component behavior at the same time. For this purpose, the strain values are captured with the ARAMIS sensor and simultaneously the temperature data is captured with a thermography camera on the surface of a moving specimen.

Temperature data captured with a thermography camera from InfraTec

The measured ARAMIS data and the temperature data can be combined in the GOM software. The GOM software offers the possibility to import images of different thermography cameras. The imported temperature data can then be transformed into the same coordinate system using already existing functions. Thus, the correlation of the measuring data and temperature data is obtained for all measuring points at each time of measurement.

Importing the temperature data into the GOM software results in new evaluation possibilities:

  • Visualization of the full-field temperature distribution on the 3D measuring data
  • Visualization of the temperature of a point even when the point is moving
  • Linking of temperature data with deformation data
  • Synchronous display of thermal and mechanical effects
  • Thermal expansion-compensated deformation, display of deformation energy
  • Evaluation possibilities of the temperature data analog to ARAMIS results (sections, temporal and spatial filters, statistics, visualization on CAD, user-defined computations with all measuring data ...)

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