Optical Metrology at voestalpine - from Toolmaking to Series Production

01/2017The automotive supplier voestalpine uses the ATOS Triple Scan system throughout all processes as a part of quality management.

To guarantee a consistently high quality of parts and low reject rates, voestalpine opted for process-encompassing quality management. Already during tool try-out – long before going into series production, GOM’s 3D scanner is used to fully digitize the first pressed part. This allows intervening in processes at an early stage and to make any necessary corrections of tools or simulation parameters. Furthermore, voestalpine uses the 3D digitizer to measure complete tools. Thanks to its flexibility, the sensor can be used either automated when fixed on a robot or manually directly on the press tool. When it comes to automated inspection of sheet metal parts, voestalpine sees the key advantages in the fast process and full-field visualization of parts. Even complex part geometries including typical features, such as hole patterns and trimming, are fully measured by the ATOS system.

Due to targeted tool correction and, consequently, a fast tool acceptance as well as automated series inspection, voestalpine saves time and costs in its processes guaranteeing a consistently high quality of parts. The diverse use of the optical ATOS system results in higher profitability within the entire sheet metal forming process chain.

GOM Workshop on Sheet Metal Forming from January to April 2017

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The complete application example is available as PDF.