Optical 3D Metrology Conference 2012 in Thailand

02/2013A total of over 60 participants met on November 2, 2012 at the SCG Experience Conference Center in Bangkok for the User Meeting held by our distributor Mentel.

The team from our distributor Marubeni also attended the event. Presentations by local customers, who reported on their applications and experiences with the systems from GOM, and by our partner Catia rounded off the day's events.

Alongside the individual presentations, the focus was placed on the ATOS Triple Scan digitizing systems. The live presentations painted a general picture of the individual products and potential applications and visitors were also able to follow the measurement process live on various different ATOS Triple Scan systems. Specific questions from customers and prospects could be clarified on the spot with the Mentel team. The entire deformation product range (TRITOP, PONTOS, ARGUS and ARAMIS) was presented along with the digitizing scanners, and typical areas of application for the measurement systems were demonstrated and discussed.

GOM would like to thank all visitors and staff for their participation and Mentel for a very successful and informative day.