New GOM Inspect tutorials - practical tips & tricks

03/2013Three new video tutorials give you an insight into the powerful GOM Inspect software. They make it easy for you to understand how to use GOM Inspect and try out applications that are suited to your area of work.

The interactive video tutorials show the graphical user interface and basic inspection tasks. In addition, they provide an overview of the software functions, showing for example inspection steps and drawing-based analysis.

The three tutorials deal with the following subjects: graphical user interface, inspection steps, alignment, tolerances, I-Inspect and drawing-based analysis. On top of this, users are introduced to trend analysis, curvature based inspection, creation of tables and diagrams as well as blade inspection.

The tutorials are available in German, English and soon in Chinese. You will find them on our YouTube channel at and on our website at

More information about the versatile options provided by the software can be found on our GOM Inspect site.