GOM UK Open House Event - Looking back on a successful day

10/2012At our first Open House event, which was held on September 13, 2012, we experienced just how fast a day can pass with exciting talks, live presentations and a pleasant atmosphere at GOM UK's new address in Coventry.

More than 60 companies from a broad range of different industries came to get an exclusive insight into the performance which is offered by GOM's hardware and software technologies. Along with five workshops, which demonstrated the new developments in GOM metrology, visitors saw a presentation of the latest version of the GOM software, V7.5 SR1. At a GOM Inspect help desk, they were able to find out about the new highlights of the software and were given answers to their individual questions. Above all during the discussion sessions and also during the breaks, the participants took the opportunity to exchange their own experiences.

We would like to thank all present and prospective customers for participating in such great numbers and for helping to make this a very successful day. We already look forward to the next event of this kind.