GOM Software 2017 Beta

05/2017The open beta of the GOM Software 2017 is now available for download. With the open beta version, customers of the GOM software have the chance to try the new GOM software. The new version offers functional enhancements for 3D metrology and 3D testing.

Highlights of the GOM Software 2017:

Robogrammetry for ATOS ScanBox
The robogrammetry concept of the GOM Software 2017 allows you to capture large parts such as car bodies and side panels fast and precisely. To ensure process reliability when transforming measurements, robogrammetry combines robot positions and reference cubes.

ATOS measuring data – post processing performance
Especially regarding photogrammetry and fine adjustment, the computation time has been significantly reduced in the GOM Software 2017, thus allowing a swift post processing of measuring data. The more images and measurements a project contains, the more time you save.

Open data architecture in ARAMIS
The GOM Software 2017 includes enhanced import and export possibilities for various values and geometries. In addition, the new ARAMIS Kiosk Interface allows an easy and fast evaluation of tensile tests.

The current GOM Software 2017 Beta version is now available for download in the GOM Service Area*.

Furthermore, software users can visit the What’s New 2017* website, where they find video tutorials providing a profound insight into the software enhancements.

Users of the GOM Professional software can share their experiences with the new GOM Software 2017 Beta version directly in the GOM Software 2017 Beta Feedback Forum*. GOM’s software developers will respond to any feedback and questions shared in this forum.

To receive detailed information on the GOM Professional software, customers can subscribe to the GOM Software 2017 Beta Newsletter.

(*) only available for registered users

Links: support.gom.com