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Plastics Knowledge Day 2019

The plastics industry supplies innovative products for a wide range of different applications. GOM sets international standards in optical 3D metrology. The Plastics Knowledge Day 2019 brings together specialists from the plastics industry and experts in optical metrology in a free one-day event. The Knowledge Day is a meeting place for the industry to exchange knowledge and experience.

04.07.2019, Coventry

Why visit the Plastics Knowledge Day 2019

Use the opportunity for an individual exchange of ideas

Industrial meeting platform – The Plastics Knowledge Day offers a platform for the exchange of user knowledge from plastics technology and optical metrology.

Experience various products in optical metrology

Presentations – Two presentation blocks are planned for the first introduction to optical metrology and the full-surface form and dimensional analysis of workpieces or tools as well as for advanced applications such as virtual clamping of components.

Benefit from the user knowledge of renowned representatives of the plastics industry

Knowledge Tracks – Practical applications, such as the handling of GD&T or the use of optical measurement technology in toolmaking, are taught in four Knowledge Tracks.

Meet specialists from the plastics industry and experts in optical metrology

Expert talks – Communication islands offer the opportunity to get to know the functions and features of the GOM software or new developments in 3D metrology based on examples from daily practice.


In plastics processing, 3D metrology supports and accelerates almost all process steps – during injection molding and blow molding or thermoforming.


Details on Knowledge Tracks

  • Demonstration of the fringe projection measuring principle
  • Surface comparison
  • Inspection section
  • Alignments
  • Inspection of geometry elements and measuring principles
  • Outlook on automated 3D metrology
  • GD&T in plastics
  • Product Manufacturing Information (PMI)
  • Virtual measuring room (VMR)
  • Inspection planning
  • Parametric Auto Teaching
  • Series measurement and measurement evaluation
  • Tool analysis
  • Demolding analysis
  • Tool modification
  • Wear control
  • Tool repair
  • Positioning of electrodes
  • Virtual mounting of scans
  • Alignment by reference points
  • Alignment scan with CAD
  • Alignment scan with scan
  • Distances between parts displayed in color representation
  • Positioning in assembly (6DoF)

Details on expert talks

Gain insight into 3D testing and inform yourself about possible applications of optical metrology for materials testing and testing of components and individual parts with simulation verification.

GOM systems are non-contact and material-independent measuring systems based on digital image correlation (DIC). In contrast to strain gauges, accelerometers, transducers or extensometers, the sensors, which are measuring without contact, capture geometries and three-dimensional displacements and deformations, for example, in tensile tests. In this process, capturing static and dynamic deformation is not only based on individual points, but on full-field measurements. The results allow users to determine input parameters for simulation. Simulation models can also be compared with measuring data in order to choose the right material and improve geometry and manufacturing processes. This speeds up product development, while increasing safety and durability of the components at the same time.

When it comes to complex components with internal structures, many measuring procedures reach their limits.

For this reason, GOM has developed a computer tomograph that is specifically designed to meet the metrological needs of users from industry for nondestructive testing. Increasingly complex parts, which are manufactured in additive procedures, for example, are pushing up the demands placed on measurement technology by industry.

As an industrial computer tomograph, the GOM CT delivers high-precision and repeatable measuring data via X-ray inspection. The GOM CT scans transparent parts or complex injection-molded components with internal structures that cannot be measured without a destructive method. Applications include first article inspection, tool release or the inspection of medical components.

For theoretical and practical courses at schools, higher education institutes and universities, GOM offers a 3D scanning and inspection package for teaching and training. The educational packages from GOM include industrial hardware and software for 3D scanning and inspection as well as ready-to-use laboratory experiments and lecture material with detailed background information. In addition, GOM offers a powerful inspection software for students, practical training for instructors and expert support from experienced engineers.

Realize comprehensive quality control and assurance with full-field part analyses during series production and learn more about software functions for targeted tool corrections and fast first article inspections.

  • Draft angle map
  • Function-oriented alignment
  • Material thickness analysis
  • Quantification and qualification of surface defects and sink marks
  • GD&T analysis
  • Statistical process analysis
  • GOM training
  • AUKOM – Measurement technician training
  • Basic and advanced training
  • GD&T training
  • Becoming an expert for GOM systems
  • Expert course injection molding: From Mold to Molded Part
  • Comprehensive quality management from prototype to part
  • Part duplication and reverse engineering
  • Fine tuning of printer parameters
  • Evaluation of the geometric capability and dimensional accuracy for machine acceptance

Be part of a global event

With this international series of events, the GOM network passes on process and measurement technology knowledge to designers, model, mold and tool makers as well as production and quality assurance experts.

Be part of a global event

3D Metrology in Plastics Processes

In plastics process chains, 3D metrology supports and accelerates almost all areas: from determining material behavior via toolmaking up to series accompanying production control and trend analyses.

Material technology

  • Determining material characteristics as basis for CAD and CAE
  • Optimizing the material choice
  • Incoming goods inspection

Product development

  • Warpage and shrinkage analyses
  • Targeted tool corrections
  • Virtual clamping instead of expensive fixtures

Processing technology

  • 3D measurement planning and inspection on PMI data set
  • Series accompanying quality control
  • Virtual assembly

GOM develops, produces and distributes software, machines and systems for 3D coordinate measuring technology and 3D testing based on latest research results and innovative technologies. With more than 60 sites and more than 1,000 metrology specialists, GOM guarantees professional advice as well as support and service. More than 14,000 system installations improve the product quality and manufacturing processes in the automotive, aerospace and consumer goods industries.