Welcome to
Metal Forming Knowledge Day 2020!

This November, GOM brings the global Metal Forming Knowledge Day series to the UK, bringing together all our knowledge and expertise in optical metrology in a series of free online events.

The days will take place over three dates in November, the 24th, 25th and 26th and will be held via an online portal. The sessions will cover different areas of metrology within the metal forming industry, showing where GOM have identified potential manufacturing problems and developed the tools to solve them.

The GOM UK Metal Forming Knowledge Days will offer a virtual platform for engineers as well as specialists from production and quality assurance to ask questions and gain knowledge within metal forming technology and optical metrology.


This year, the event will be in digital form over 3 days. You will need to register for each day individually. We will send you an email confirming your application, which contains all the details about the web portal.

Part 1: Tuesday 24th November,
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM GMT

Introduction to Sheet Metal Inspection Workflow with GOM

Part 2: Wednesday 25th November,
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM GMT

Improving Inspection Through Automation

Part 3: Thursday 26th November,
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM GMT

Reducing scrap during the stamping process

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Strengths of optical 3D metrology in forming processes

In forming process chains, 3D metrology supports and accelerates almost all areas: from determining material behavior via toolmaking up to production control and trend analyses during series production.

Materials engineering

  • Determination of material properties
  • Full-field 3D forming analysis
  • Optimization of simulation processes


  • CNC milling on STL measuring data
  • Targeted tool corrections
  • Motion analysis of machines


  • Inspection of geometry and material thickness
  • Visualization of surface defects
  • Automated series inspection

GOM develops, produces and distributes software, machines and systems for 3D coordinate measuring technology and 3D testing based on latest research results and innovative technologies. With more than 60 sites and more than 1,000 metrology specialists, GOM guarantees professional advice as well as support and service. More than 14,000 system installations improve the product quality and manufacturing processes in the automotive, aerospace and consumer goods industries.