GOM Metrology

Production and Series Inspection

Production and Series Inspection

Automated Solutions for Production Control and Series Testing

In series production control, automated, production-related and mobile measuring cells reduce scrap and rework time. Parts do not have to be transported to remote measuring rooms. Using GOM’s automated solution ATOS ScanBox, programming, including the kinematics of the robot paths and inspection planning, can be realized offline in the virtual measuring room (VMR) on the CAD, while the measuring cell remains productive.


  • Automated quality control
  • Inspection reports at the production plant
  • Trend analysis in real time (root cause and progress)
  • Statistical analysis and export (Cp/Cpk/Pp/Ppk/Min/Max/Avg/Sigma)


Turn-key measuring cells are location-flexible. They can be used directly in production and deliver fast measuring results. Automated measuring cells with integrated operational safety are ready for use in short time. The cells are operated by shop floor workers and are adaptable for prototyping, toolmaking, analysis, production and assembly.