eLearning: Surface Defect Inspection – From Mesh to Part Classification

eLearning: Surface Defect Inspection – From Mesh to Part Classification

Surface defects significantly impact part quality in industries such as automotive and injection molding. Analyzing these small, local defects is often a labor-intensive process. However, GOM offers a more efficient solution.

This course teaches you how to inspect surfaces of simple and more complex parts to obtain a comprehensive part classification. Learn to perform inspections against CAD, against a master part and without reference data. Gain new insights into the concept of surface defect inspection in the GOM software. Exercises after each section provide opportunities to practice and a tips and tricks section gives insights into advanced features and troubleshooting.

Target Group  Technicians, metrologists and engineers from all industries
GOM product GOM Inspect Pro
Prerequisites Basic Training GOM Inspect Pro
Duration 8 hours
Dates & Registration Find more information and enroll in the training via the GOM Training Center
Costs €480 / $590

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