GOM Correlate

Software for 3D Testing Data

GOM Correlate

What does GOM Correlate offer?

Data Import

2D/3D images – independent of the system

Measuring Principles – DIC

Point-based and full-field measurements

Inspection and Evaluation

For strain, 3D displacement, 3D deformation as well as velocity and acceleration

Reporting Functions

For all common tests and evaluations

Export as PDF and video

Download GOM Correlate

Free evaluation software for 3D testing

Digital image correlation

3D motion analysis

Full-field and point-based evaluation

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Sample data

GOM Correlate Introduction Seminars


GOM Correlate grows with your needs

Comparison of GOM Correlate and GOM Correlate Professional

GOM Correlate Professional

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Sample data


Software Release

Highlights of new software version

Crack Tip Detection & Evaluation

The trajectory of crack points can be tracked and evaluated with the new crack tip detection feature. On homogeneously colored specimens, contrast-based methods are used to detect the position of the crack tip.


Contour Detection

The new contour detection feature enables the analysis of airbag deployment tests. The new software tool tracks the contour of the airbag in any high-speed video recording and helps to identify the maximum deflection point in the local coordinate system of the steering wheel.


Python Interpreter

GOM Correlate Professional offers fast and simplified data access for complex scientific computations using Python. Freely available Python libraries, such as NumPy, SciPy or Matplotlib, can be easily used with an external Python installation in GOM Correlate Professional.


Everything in one place: The GOM Suite

Download the GOM Suite in one click. Not only can you launch the GOM software from the GOM Suite – it also includes sample data to test an evaluation with a real project. You can also use the GOM Suite to attend suitable eLearnings courses in the GOM Training Center and access the GOM Forum and other services. The GOM Suite also gives you an overview of news and events and provides you with tips and tricks to make the best use of your GOM software. 


Learn what the GOM Software has to offer

More video tutorials and eLearning materials can be found under "How to evaluate your part in GOM Inspect" in the GOM Training Center. 


User Interface

This first tutorial gives you an overview of the graphical user interface including 3D view, explorer and reporting. It briefly introduces all major software concepts.

Data Import

This video shows you how to import data such as CAD files, point clouds and volume data generated with computer tomographs.

Simple Inspection

This episode demonstrates a typical simple inspection workflow. It shows you how to perform an alignment, create a surface comparison and document the results in a report page.

Software Seminars & Support

GOM Correlate Introduction Seminars

In the Inspection Basic Training, participants get to know the basics of how to evaluate their part in GOM Correlate.


GOM Service Area

For registered users, GOM offers an extensive knowledge base and an active user forum to exchange with other software users.


High precision of the GOM software is tested.

The accuracy of the GOM Correlate and GOM Correlate Professional evaluation software has been tested by the institution "Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB)" and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) by comparison with reference results. The GOM software was classified in the category with the smallest measurement deviations (class 1).