5 Reasons to go Optical: Non-Contact 3D Strain and Displacement Measurements

5 Reasons to go Optical: Non-Contact 3D Strain and Displacement Measurements

Non-contact optical measurement technology is a great tool for analyzing deformation and studying motion in 3D. Optical measurement technology is fast in preparation, cost-effective in required consumables and provides 1000x more data points compared to traditional strain and displacement sensors.

The powerful software GOM Correlate is GOM's solution for capturing, analyzing and documenting 3D measuring data on shape, deformation and motion from moving images and videos.
Join this webinar to see what optical metrology and GOM Correlate offer to you and take the next step into the future of measuring strains and displacements.

This webinar has already taken place.

Webinar 5 reasons to go optical in 3D testing

10月13日 2021 Organizer: GOM GmbH

GOM Correlate Pro

Your software for 3D testing: An easy way to record and analyze motion and deformations.

GOM Correlate Pro

Benefits of optical 3D testing

  • Save time and money during test preparation
  • Receive comprehensive results
  • Measure any material from foam and foil to concrete structures
  • Optimize your simulations with full-field results
  • Measure dynamic processes

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