Application Webinar GOM providing 3D Metrology solutions for the plastics industry

Measuring is the key to optimizing

Get an insight of the possibilities of today’s technology, optimize your plastic products, reduce scrap and overuse of resources, … everything starts with analyzing.



The plastics industry supplies innovative products for a wide range of different applications. GOM sets international standards in optical 3D metrology. During our webinar, we will support experts from the plastics industry and experts in optical metrology to optimize their production process. We will share the functions and features of the GOM software and new developments in 3D metrology based on examples from daily practice.

With this two-part webinar series, GOM passes on process and measurement technology knowledge and practical applications, such as the handling of GD&T or the use of optical measurement technology in toolmaking, together with many other topics. This webinar will be held in English.