Optical 3D measurement reduces trial and error loops at ZF Fonderie Lorraine

Thanks to optical 3D metrology, ZF Fonderie Lorraine has succeeded in increasing and improving its measuring capacities for casting while optimizing all manufacturing processes at the same time.

In January 2018, ZF Fonderie Lorraine introduced the automated ATOS ScanBox 4105 measuring cell featuring the ATOS Core sensor to obtain an overview of the global deformations of blanks when removed from the mold. This allows the company to respond to any problems while parts are still unfinished, a step that, until today, was not possible using three-dimensional tactile machines. “This significantly reduces the risk of error. Measurements can be taken very quickly, so we get the result faster,” comments technical programmer Mohamed Rahaoui.

ATOS systematically supplies a full-field point cloud that characterizes the part in its entirety. The measuring data can be analyzed immediately and compared directly with the CAD data. Dimensional deviations are thus identified at once, resulting in both time and cost savings throughout the production process.

Read the complete application example in PDF format.