The GOM Education Award Goes to Students from ETH Zurich

The winners of the student competition solved a fictional criminal case using the optical 3D scanner ATOS from GOM. They have the chance to present their results at the GOM 3D Metrology Conference 2017. Furthermore, they receive a price of EUR 3,000.

By offering the GOM Education Award, the metrology specialist GOM fosters practice-oriented education in the field of 3D metrology. Students from all over the globe had the task to independently prepare a lab experiment in English that deals with digitizing of objects using 3D scanning.

Measuring data acquisition was carried out using an ATOS 3D scanner and data was analyzed using the GOM Inspect software. Hardware and software are part of the GOM education package “ATOS for Education”. It gives education institutions the opportunity to vividly teach 3D scanning in theory and practice to pupils and students.

The winning team of the ETH Zurich, Switzerland, opted for a scanning scenario from forensics: In the lab experiment, the students slipped into the role of a forensic scientist who has to digitize the shoe of a suspect in order to compare it to the shoe print from the crime scene using the GOM Inspect software.

Presentation of the lab experiment at the GOM 3D Metrology Conference 2017

The winners Tobias Duewell, Valens Frangez and Ursula Kälin selected by an international expert jury not only receive the price of EUR 3,000 but are also invited to the GOM 3D Metrology Conference 2017 on September 27 to present their lab experiment in front of metrology experts from more than 50 countries and to establish valuable contacts.

3D scanning is one of the key technologies of Industry 4.0: It converts real objects into full-field 3D models and provides all quality-relevant data digitally, thereby laying the foundation for the realization of a self-organizing production network with automated quality assurance.

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