GOM Software 2019 Beta

GOM bundles the continuous further development of its software annually in a new release. The focus is on customer benefits. Thanks to close cooperation with the users, the software is developed closely to the real requirements from practice. Registered users are invited to extensively test the software in advance of the launch. You can use the free test version in your area of responsibility and share your comments and suggestions for improvement in the internal forum.  

Highlights of the GOM Software 2019


Smart Teach

The release 2019 offers new functionalities for further automated workflows, which are grouped under the name “Smart Teach”. If the CAD or single elements change, the measurement positions are automatically updated with “Smart Teach”. In addition, the user is much more supported in achieving a stable measuring sequence in a shorter time by advanced display options of the project status. This is also further emphasized by the introduction of scanning templates for application-specific parameter assignment prior to the measuring procedure. For complex or shiny surfaces that require a specific measuring angle, these improvements mean a significant increase in efficiency.

Worldwide unique measuring method “Virtual Clamping” – new module in GOM Inspect Professional

In summer, GOM introduces a new module in the ATOS Professional and GOM Inspect Professional software packages. With this module, sheet metal and injection-molded parts can be virtually clamped so that they can be measured without complex clamping devices. It is possible to compute the constrained state of the part using an innovative, FEM-based algorithm. This virtual clamping procedure is fully integrated into the GOM workflow so that you can keep working with the proven software interface.

GOM CT Professional – new software for the industrial computer tomograph

The new GOM CT Professional software enables both the operation of the GOM CT and the inspection of complex parts. Volume-based data can be measured and inspected in a simple workflow without the need for third-party software. All surfaces—even internal structures—can, for example, be used for shape and dimension analyses or nominal-actual comparisons. The inspection results can be visualized in reports with snapshots, images, tables, diagrams, text and graphics.

The current GOM Software 2019 Beta version is now available for download in the GOM Service Area*. Videos on the website What's New GOM Software 2019* offer a detailed insight into specific software functions. In the forum Preview - What's New GOM Software 2019*, users can directly give feedback about new functions. You can discuss and exchange experiences with software developers and other customers.

(*) available for registered users