Belden Cekan: Quality control of plugs and electronic components with GOM CT

Belden Cekan based in Denmark manufactures plugs for IT installations in office buildings, hotels and stadiums. As the company grants a guarantee of up to 25 years on their products, each part must live up to highest quality standards. Outstanding precision is required already in the development phase. When it comes to complex parts, this challenge is tackled with the help of CT scanning: Belden Cekan relies on the Danish measurement specialist Zebicon for measuring, validating and documenting their products.

To conduct the analysis, Zebicon uses the GOM CT measuring system, an industrial computer tomograph that allows for nondestructive inspection of part geometries including internal structures and hidden geometries. The metrology CT features highest precision and resolution and is able to determine the exact positions of the parts’ contacts.

In a short video, René Oestergaard (Head of Development at Belden Cekan) explains his demanding measurement task and how CT scanning helps him assure product quality.