ATOS Tech Day 2019

Optical 3D Metrology for Quality Assurance of Gas Turbines

Each year, more than four billion air passengers worldwide rely on quality controls in the aviation industry. This is because 12,000 meters above sea level, very special requirements must be met regarding the quality of materials and components. With its optical measuring systems, GOM already supports the aerospace industry in the measurement and inspection of components in the production process. Since the production of aerospace components is very expensive, these parts are checked at numerous stages of the process chain to be able to detect and eliminate defects as early as possible. Even when it comes to complex free-form geometries, ATOS systems help to detect deviations quickly and efficiently.

ATOS Tech Day 2019 provides a detailed overview of the performance capability of the ATOS product range on gas turbine products and applications for aerospace and power generation industries. As a highlight of the event, GOM presents for the first time an advanced 3D scanner which, in combination with the appropriate software, is especially suitable for the fast inspection of small objects with challenging edge geometries.

The event is free of charge and takes place at three locations:

  • Europe: September 26, 2019, in Braunschweig, Germany
  • America: October 17, 2019, in Detroit, USA
  • Asia: November 12, 2019, in Shanghai, China

The one-day events each provide a meeting point for more than 100 experts from the aerospace and power generation industries to share knowledge and network. GOM experts present their long-standing expertise in the fields of production and quality control of gas turbines as well as the latest technological developments. Optical 3D metrology helps, for instance, to further enhance manufacturing processes for ceramic cores, cast and forged parts and thus to manufacture superior products. The systems are also used in adaptive machining processes, such as overhauling worn turbine parts, blisks and for first article inspection.

The ATOS Tech Day 2019 is rounded off by live demonstrations of the most important applications in aerospace and power generation. Moreover, GOM presents its latest machines and the GOM Software 2019 in operation and shows how high-end automation solutions work under production conditions and contribute to significantly shorten measurement times. Using automated 3D measurement technology helps companies well beyond the aerospace industry to establish a sustainable position for 3D digitalization and Industry 4.0.

International and regional measurement and testing service providers as well as suppliers of tools and fixtures present their products and solutions in a technical exhibition. The closing evening event gives the attendees the opportunity to discuss individual questions with each other and with GOM’s experts in a relaxed atmosphere.

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