Measuring multiple parts in the production process at Forges de Courcelles

With its new automated optical 3D measuring cell – the ATOS ScanBox – Forges de Courcelles has been able to improve its production processes by reducing the time taken to conduct inspections and by increasing the amount of data collected.

The ATOS ScanBox 5120 installed in June 2018 and fitted with the ATOS II Triple Scan sensor and the ATOS Triple Scan 12M cell, enables Forges de Courcelles to carry out a routine dimensional analysis on three crankshafts simultaneously. This ability to measure at speed has improved the company's response times in the event of any issues with parts or deviations from the standard process.

"The main reason for choosing GOM for this application was because of the quality of data collected, and the speed of its acquisition in comparison with other technologies that we're more familiar with such as 3D laser scanning," explains Vincent Bouet, the QSE Manager.

The company stressed the importance of the collaboration between the teams at GOM and Forges de Courcelles which now means users have complete autonomy when operating the GOM machines and the GOM Inspect Professional VMR, ATOS XL Professional VMR and Kiosk Interface module software.