Advanced Inspection for Automotive Car Body Manufacturing

With the rapid development of technology, the growing measurement needs of the industrial sector are increasingly difficult to meet with traditional measuring systems. Thus, in many industrial fields, tactile coordinate measuring systems and gauges are being replaced by optical ATOS 3D scanners. With ATOS, objects can be efficiently digitized in a short period of time, and more detailed and easily evaluable data can be obtained.

This year, the GOM network hosted three events around the world to address car body metrology: The ATOS Technology Days 2018. Starting with GOM Americas in Michigan, US, traveling to GOM Asia in Shanghai, China, and finishing at GOM Headquarters in Braunschweig, Germany. The event publicly released the ATOS 5 and ATOS 5X high-speed measuring sensors designed and developed by GOM for industrial applications, and demonstrated the application of GOM automation products in the automotive inspection and measurement industry.

The ATOS Technology Days had their focus on the application of GOM products in tool shop, press shop and body shop in the automotive manufacturing process. Detailed explanations of GOM 3D measuring systems were combined with end-user discussions to provide even better solutions for customers from quality control to overall quality management through the application of the most advanced 3D scanning technology.

ATOS 5 and ATOS 5X, officially presented at this event, are two new high-speed sensors of the ATOS series. Based on its new Blue Light Equalizer, the ultra-strong light source technology for large measurement volumes enables both measurement systems to obtain high-precision measurement data in a short period of time. Participating customers and representatives from various OEMs and tier suppliers expressed their high recognition of the technology day activities and GOM products, and believed that using the full-field 3D measurement data provided by ATOS’ latest measuring equipment will help them achieve comprehensive process and quality control, and visualize hidden errors to increase industry productivity.